Watch the Brother Brothers' new video for 'Colorado'

'Colorado' from 'Some People I Know' on Compass Records. Performed by The Brother Brothers featuring Sarah Jarosz. (Scot Sax)

New York's the Brother Brothers — a folk/Americana duo comprising identical twins David and Adam Moss — released their debut full-length album, Some People I Know, in October 2018.

One of the tracks on that album is a song called "Colorado," and in spring 2019, the Brother Brothers gathered with friends Sarah Jarosz and Jeff Picker at a house in Nashville, Tenn., to record a video for the song. Directed by Scot Sax, the video was released on July 10, 2019.

In addition to David on guitar and vocals and Adam on vocals and fiddle, Jarosz joins on octave mandolin and vocals, and Picker accompanies on bass. This take on "Colorado" showcases the group's vocal harmonies and instrumental talents.

The Brother Brothers are currently touring in Europe, and they'll be back in North America later in July for a long string of tour dates that continues into late October.

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  • The Brother Brothers
    The Brother Brothers are a folk/Americana duo comprising identical twins David and Adam Moss. They tour as an acoustic duo: David on cello and guitar, and Adam on the 5-string fiddle. (Justin Camerer)
  • The Brother Brothers, 'Some People I Know'
    The Brother Brothers' debut full-length album, 'Some People I Know,' released Oct. 19, 2018. (Compass Records)