Watch the video for The Small Glories' song, 'Oh My Love'

The Small Glories' first single 'Oh My Love,' off their 2019 album 'Assiniboine & The Red.' The video is directed by James Hiebert. (The Small Glories)

The Small Glories are a folk duo based in Winnipeg, consisting of Cara Luft and JD Edwards. Luft and Edwards began performing together as a duo after they were quickly cobbled together for a performance at Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre. The musical chemistry was right — and the Small Glories were launched.

The duo released an EP in 2015, titled simply, Songs By Cara Luft and JD Edwards. That release was followed by the Small Glories' first album, Wondrous Traveler, in 2016, which got the attention of Nashville-based Red House Records, and on June 28 of this year, the Small Glories released Assiniboine & The Red on the Red House label. The album's title comes from the confluence of two rivers in Winnipeg.

On Aug. 23, the Small Glories released a video for "Oh My Love," the first single off Assiniboine & The Red. Directed by James Hiebert, the video was filmed on location on an animal-sanctuary farm in Manitoba. "It's a pretty sad song," Luft says, "but because the song is written in a bit of an upbeat fashion, we thought why not do [a video] that has a little bit of hope, a little bit of light and love in it. It reminds us about the beauty and power of feeling — and knowing that there is always hope."

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  • The Small Glories
    Roots powerhouse duo The Small Glories are JD Edwards and Cara Luft, a musical tour-de-force partnership planted on the Canadian Prairies. (Aaron Ives)
  • The Small Glories, 'Assiniboine & the Red'
    The Small Glories, 'Assiniboine & The Red'; the album title is a reference to the confluence of two rivers in the band's hometown of Winnipeg. (Red House Records)