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Top 89 of 2019
Top 89 of 2019 (MPR Graphic)

Top 10 Songs of 2019

Sequenced as a 10-song mix, as (mostly) usual.

1. Charly Bliss, "Hard to Believe"
2. Ex Hex, "Cosmic Cave"
Two full-throated power pop tunes.

3. Sturgill Simpson, "Sing Along"
4. Sleater-Kinney, "Hurry on Home"
Two songs that could well show the same fraught relationship from different angles: one heartbroken in the bar, wondering if they can ever go home, the other waiting at home for their beloved to come back and... reconcile.

5. Tame Impala, "Borderline"
One of the most vital acts of the decade teased their 2020 album with a series of tantalizing singles: whether it's about wildfires, shootings, or merely inner turmoil, this depiction of a dark night of the soul was haunting and hypnotic.

6. Vampire Weekend feat. Danielle Haim, "Hold You Now"
7. J.S. Ondara, "Saying Goodbye"
Two songs I always approach with trepidation, as I'm not sure how extensive or devastating my emotional reaction will be on any given day.

8. Angel Olsen, "Lark"
9. Big Thief, "Not"
Two brilliant artists who arguably made the leap to even greater heights this year, best exhibited by these epics.

10. Weyes Blood, "Something to Believe"
One from the year's best album, bringing our little mix full circle with another "Believe" song.

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