Album of the Week: Polica, 'When We Stay Alive'


Polica, 'When We Stay Alive'
Polica, 'When We Stay Alive' (Memphis Industries)

Although some of the songs were written beforehand, Polica's new album was primarily created in the aftermath of a nasty fall that frontwoman Channy Leaneagh sustained last winter while trying to remove ice dams from her roof. She spent months off the road recovering in a back brace, unable to perform but still hungry to create new work.

When We Stay Alive is an album about navigating a period of pain and loss, and about changing our relationship to our trauma. Channy writes beautifully about these topics, taking the listener along for the ride as she finds herself again and reconnects with her band.

Musically, the band has rarely sounded so organic on an album, or so comfortable playing together. In a fascinating turn, the band members recorded their parts on their own in separate studios, but somehow the result is an album that courses with the same energy as their most exciting live shows. A noticeable lack of vocal effects on Channy's voice only furthers this sense of connection between the musicians and their listening audience; this is easily their most intimate sounding release.

Listen to The Local Show Sunday January 26 at 6 p.m. Central for your first chance to hear Polica's entire new album. Channy will join me to share stories behind the songs as we listen to your album of the week, When We Stay Alive.

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