Album of the Week: Nada Surf, 'Never Not Together'


Nada Surf, 'Never Not Together'
Nada Surf, 'Never Not Together' (Barsuk Records)

The genre of indie rock can suffer from being predictable and tastefully lacking of any surprises. So what should you expect from Nada Surf's ninth studio album? The indie rock royalty return with one of the best albums of their career that shows off their prowess as experts of their craft while sharing their playful side. Never Not Together has all the hallmarks of the genre Nada Surf helped define but with a refined touch that comes from life experience and humility.

For a band that started out in the 90s, they sound as relevant as ever having not compromised their sound or their willingness to write from the heart. Matthew Caws sings chapter and verse about reconciling the past with the present. If you listen through to the end of the album's lead single, "Something I Should Do," you reach a striking spoken word outro, "empathy is good, lack of empathy is bad, holy math says we're never not together.

That line, which they partially credit to Justin Vernon, sums up the entire album. This is a band who has seen it all, confronted the times, and at the end they find love and a desire to send a message of peace and understanding. Never Not Together is an uplifting optimistic album that stands out as one of the best releases of 2020 so far. Nada Surf's new album is out on Friday on Barsuk Records.

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