Live Virtual Session: Kara Laudon at Sounds Like Home

Kara Laudon performs a set of songs as part of The Current's virtual Sounds Like Home Festival. (MPR)

Over the weekend of May 15-17, The Current hosted Sounds Like Home: a virtual festival of Minnesota music. You can find all the performances archived on The Current's Facebook page, and we're also sharing the archived sessions one by one on YouTube. Thanks to the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which allowed us to compensate artists for their performances.

Kara Laudon is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from the Twin Cities. In addition to her solo work, she has also been hired to tour with the likes of John Mark Nelson and Dessa. Laudon released her debut solo record, Old Lives, in September of 2019.

The album focuses on themes of self-discovery and reflection. As the title might suggest, Laudon spends time on this record thinking about who she used to be while questioning who she is now. However, while writing lyrics about coming to terms with an unrecognizable younger self that she has grown distant from, Laudon has, in turn, discovered her current self. Her honest lyrics paired with lush production, sweet melodies, and a gentle delivery creates a complete product that is both powerful and heart-wrenching.

For her Sounds Like Home session, she joined host Mac Wilson to talk about how those songs resonate with her now.

Songs performed

02:47 "Leave You Alone"
10:35 "In My Bones"
17:26 "Wash You Away"

Hosted by Mac Wilson
Produced by Jesse Wiza
Engineered by Erik Stromstad
Web feature by Sylvia Jennings

External link

Kara Laudon - official site

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