Watch the Avett Brothers perform three songs from 'The Third Gleam'


The Avett Brothers perform three songs from 'The Third Gleam' (The Avett Brothers)

On Friday, the Avett Brothers release their latest collection of songs, The Third Gleam.

"The interesting thing with the 'Gleam' series is that it's like songs that are made in somewhat of a quieter, more sacred space, if you will," Scott Avett told The Current's Jill Riley in a recent interview. "The record was made on its own time, before the pandemic and before the rolling out of these long-lasting social injustices that we're witnessing.

"Although," Avett continued, "in hindsight, we were — I don't know what the word is — it was somewhat surreal to realize how applicable the thing was."

Use the video player above to watch performances of three songs from the new record.

Songs Performed

0:00 "Back Into The Light"
3:47 "Victory"
7:35 "Prison To Heaven"
All songs from the Avett Brothers' 2020 release, The Third Gleam, available on Loma Vista Recordings/Concord.

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