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Friday Five: Thought-provoking Minnesota music videos

A still from Emily Haavik's video "Do You Think You Protect Me?"
A still from Emily Haavik's video "Do You Think You Protect Me?"Michelle Truax

by Diane

September 23, 2022

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Emily Haavik, “Do You Think You Protect Me?”

Emily Haavik has written one of the year’s most powerful local songs on sexual violence awareness. Her music video for “Do You Think You Protect Me?” starts with a woman dancing expressively alone in the woods, and eventually builds to dozens of women of all ages and races emerging from a dark forest to stand in solidarity. The folk song’s lyrics will resonate with listeners who’ve experienced or know someone who’s experienced domestic violence. Haavik will perform with Jillian Rae on Sept. 24 at the Cedar Cultural Center, where proceeds will benefit Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Bad Bad Hats, “Walkman”

If you’d like to see just how well Minneapolis indie-pop band Bad Bad Hats are doing on the road, check out the latest music video for their single “Walkman.” Musicians, promoters, venue operators, or talent buyers who’ve experienced tour life will recognize the routine: loading instruments out of a cramped van, guitar tuning and pedal dialing at soundcheck, merch hanging on makeshift grids, and giddy fans anxiously waiting to hear music that’ll make them feel something. The video was filmed at Bad Bad Hats’ sold-out show at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan, and was released on September 13, the one-year anniversary of their LP’s release.

Velvet Negroni, “Sinker”

Velvet Negroni is good at a lot of things. Music, most obviously. But it turns out he’s also a baller roller skater — backwards and forwards. The singer’s new music video for “Sinker” follows him rolling through neighborhood streets, a foliage-filled cement swimming pool, and what might be his bedroom. He’s dressed in different patchwork outfits that uniquely fit with the vibe: erratic, yet smooth vocals and lyrics sung to the tune of lounge-y, modern electro vibes. 

Porcupine, “The Way Down”

“There are approximately seven million indie bands operating on planet Earth as of yesterday … we are one of them,” says Porcupine. It’s certainly a statement of humility. Though pure indie rock is truly what they embody in their vocal, instrumental and visual aesthetic. The veteran rocker’s latest music video for the melancholic single “The Way Down” captures the four-piece band using experimental lighting and color grading as they perform.

Student 1, “pSiLLy MaTh”

Hunter “Student 1” Thompson takes a trip to Las Vegas for his latest music video. He might be the Twin Cities’ next big thing in rap music. Like, big, big thing. He personifies a brazen, confident, effortless, and smart rapper that may attract fans of Tyler the Creator, Donald Glover, or Earl Sweatshirt. It takes courage to act out a character like H.S. Thompson, a legendary writer so notoriously idolized by freaks and geeks. Student 1 sells it.

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