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The Local Show with Tapes 'N Tapes and Zoo Animal

The Local Show for October 14, 2012
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This weekend on The Local Show, we'll be revisiting the recent Caravan Du Nord excursion to Fergus Falls. Tune in during the 6PM hour to hear highlights from Tapes 'N Tapes performance before they head into a hiatus; during the 7PM hour, we'll air highlights from Zoo Animal's performance.

We've also got two tracks from Brute Heart's live score to The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, which they'll be performing again at the Cedar Cultural Center on October 19.

And we'll talk about the new Night Moves album getting a release on indie powerhouse Domino Records.
Plus, lots of new music from the likes of Fathom Lane, Jeffrey Skemp, Gigamesh, Southside Desire, Villa, Early Alan Younger, Actual Wolf and more.

Local stories from this episode:

Michael Ferrier finds a new voice in nostalgic folk-pop project Fathom Lane

First Listen: Night Moves - Colored Emotions

Local Radar: Falcon Arrow, Jeffrey Skemp, Villa, and Gigamesh



Bora York

Luxury Child

Strange Names


Fathom Lane

Atlantic Blue

Gospel Gossip

Bruise Or Be Bruised

Prissy Clerks

Glass Ceilings

Greg Grease

Untitled II

Brute Heart

It Means Shadow

Adelyn Rose

Human Stomp

Robust Worlds

Just Drums

Tapes 'N Tapes


Tapes 'N Tapes

One In The World

Tapes 'N Tapes

Captain Ocean-Talk

Jeffrey Skemp

Top Down

Marijuana Deathsquads





Family Tongues

Night Moves

Country Queen

Night Moves

Dreams (Gigmesh Remix)

Fleetwood Mac

When I Was Your Queen

Southside Desire




Zoo Animal

Folded Hands

Zoo Animal

Black And Charred

Zoo Animal

Untitled I

Brute Heart

Good Friend

Early Alan Younger

Queen Of Carolina

Actual Wolf

Dead In Nothing's Hour

The Rockford Mules

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