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In-studio session with Joe Rainey; Microshow with Ondara

Two men perform in a studio
Hear our in-studio session and interview with powwow singer Joe Rainey. The Minneapolis native performed three tracks with producer Andrew Broder, mixing orchestral and experimental electronic soundscapes with Rainey’s gorgeous native chanting. Diane talked with him about the impetus and inspiration for the this unique collaboration, as well as his aspirations to uplift and amplify Native culture, which is often overlooked by the general public. Also, hear live recordings from singer-songwriter Ondara’s Microshow in October, as well as music from Lissie, Maddie Thies, Gabe Barnett, J.E. Sunde and more. Read more

Lazerbeak opens up on music, life, 'Lava Bangers II'

Man with backwards hat on smiling
Ten years ago, Doomtree’s established artist/producer Lazerbeak released his most career-defying record, Lava Bangers. The freshly released Lava Bangers II, in celebration of the first, consists of 20 new instrumental beats, from techno, hyper-pop and hip-hop. Lazerbeak spoke with Local Show host Diane about this new record, as well as his work with Lizzo, Dessa, Doomtree, and more. Read more

Remembering Mimi Parker

A photograph of a woman and a man sitting close together
 The Local Show and The Duluth Local Show combine to pay tribute to Mimi Parker, drummer and vocalist of Low. Tune in for three hours of Low's music dating back to the '90s, live performances at Rock The Garden and Fitzgerald Theater, tributes from Ryan Schrieber (Pitchfork founder), Conrad Sverkerson (First Avenue stage manager), HALEY, Al Church, Liz Draper, and more. Read more

Tribute to Mimi Parker; November Scouting Report selections

Low perform at Rock the Garden
The Local Show pays respect to the late Mimi Parker, co-founder of Low and one of the most respected and influential voices of Minnesota’s North Shore. Hear music from all 10 artists featured on our November Scouting Report. Also, a number of up-and-coming talent make their debut to The Current’s airwaves, including Glam Toyota, Ray Gun Youth, and Grayson DeWolfe. Read more

Minnesota songs for Halloween

Prince Batdance video
Hear spooky, festive and fun Halloween selections (new and old) from artists like Prince, Graveyard Club, Jeremy Messersmith, Black Widows, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, The Replacements, and Gowns. Read more

In-studio session with Sounds of Blackness; New music from Justin Courtney Pierre, Bugsy

Group of people smiling in recording studio
Hear our in-studio session and interview with 3x Grammy award winning ensemble Sounds of Blackness. Catch a live recording of The Cactus Blossoms at the Minnesota State Fair for MPR Day. Hear new music from Justin Courtney Pierre, Bugsy, Ondara and more. Diane will also feature a number of artists with upcoming live shows including Miloe, DURRY, Keep for Cheap and much more. Read more


728 x 90
320 x 50