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The Local Show with Southwire and Kill The Vultures

The Local Show for February 10, 2013
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On this weekend's episode of The Local Show, we'll have an in-studio with rising Duluth band Southwire. Their debut self-titled album will be out on Chaperone Records on March 5.

David Campbell also hosted the most recent installment of the McNally Smith Soundbite Series with Kill The Vultures, and we'll air highlights from that performance and interview.

Also, a Local Show first: we're airing a 22 minute song. But it's not just any 22 minute song -- it's the second side of the new Retribution Gospel Choir album featuring Nels Cline.

Plus, debuts from the likes of Prince, Enemy Planes, OAKS, Alison Rae and Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank.

And this week begins our next artist of the month feature. All during February, we'll be highlighting the music of Low.

Local stories from this episode:

Prince releases smooth R&B jam 'Breakfast Can Wait'

Zach Sobiech signs with BMI

Local Radar: Gramma's Boyfriend, Alison Rae and Negative Beach

Artist of the Month: Low


Lead Balloon


Breakfast Can Wait


Tiny Brains

Prissy Clerks



God (89.3 In-Studio Performance)


Gone Astray (89.3 In-Studio Performance)


Time Bomb (89.3 In-Studio Performance)


We Want Blood

Enemy Planes

The Moon and The Stars

John Mark Nelson

Field Beat


14th Street Ritual (McNally Smith Soundbite Series)

Kill The Vultures

Walk On Water (McNally Smith Soundbite Series)

Kill The Vultures

Color In The Paper Planes

Van Stee

How Does It Feel



Zach Sobiech

Hide and Seek

Alison Rae

Seven feat. Nels Cline

Retribution Gospel Choir

We R Ctrl

Gramma's Boyfriend

Burn Down The Old School

Common Labor


Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank

Just Make It Stop


Brave Boy

Aby Wolf

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