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The Local Show with Peter Wolf Crier

The Local Show for April 7, 2013
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On this weekend's episode of The Local Show, we'll air highlights of the last installment of the McNally Smith Soundbite Series for the season. Peter Wolf Crier sat down with David Campbell to chat and play a few songs, including some improvisations.

We'll also highlight our next artist of the month with The Jayhawks. And Andrea Swensson has news on the Prince single and cover of "Let's Go Crazy" making the rounds, as well as a profile on Meme.

Debuts all over the place for this show: Dark Dark Dark, Chicane Theory, Joey Ryan and The Inks, The Ocean Blue, Kara Laudon, Maple and Beech, Nallo and Love Lake!

Local stories from this episode:

Meme bring their crystalline pop out of the studio and into the clubs

Is Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy' remake legit?

Announcing: Local Current Live at the M.I.A.'s Third Thursday

Local Radar: The Ocean Blue, Dark Dark Dark and Love Lake



Har Mar Superstar

Let's Go Crazy (Cover)


Minor Times

Strange Names

Love Lies

Dark Dark Dark

Fool's Melodies

Web Of Sunsets


Chicane Theory

The Transfiguration Of Eugene Wolf

Joey Ryan and The Inks

Beach (Live at McNally Smith Soundbite Series)

Peter Wolf Crier

Crutch and Cane (Live at McNally Smith Soundbite Series)

Peter Wolf Crier

Right Away (Live at McNally Smith Soundbite Series)

Peter Wolf Crier

Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

The Ocean Blue

No Strings

Enemy Planes

Make To It feat. Zoo Animal

Weird Visions





We'll Never Find

Kara Laudon

After The Ice Age

Maple and Beech

Fenenga Bridge

Bear The Sound

All Summer



Love Lake


Hollow Boys

Beat Like Mine

Lucy Michelle

Take Control

Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm

Cloud Creep


Save It For A Rainy DAy

The Jayhawks


Frankie Lee

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