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Cruel World Festival

Aerial view of an audience at a music festival in Los Angeles
Jake Rudh is back from Los Angeles, where he attended the Cruel World Festival. On this week’s program, Jake takes you into that festival lineup. Read more

Hot tracks

An abstract illustration of a woman listening and singing to music
This week on the program, Jake Rudh features an hour of classic-alternative tracks all about heat and fire. Read more

'80s duos

Everything But The Girl
This week’s Transmission features an hour of ‘80s duos. Read more

Power Pop

Five musicians performing on a television soundstage
This week on Transmission, Jake Rudh serves up an hour of power pop. Read more

Dream Pop

Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas
This week on Transmission, Jake Rudh steers us through the awesome textures and moods of dream pop. Read more

The first day of MTV

MTV Debut, August 1, 1981; introduction and first videoDJ Mixtrix (YouTube)
This week, Jake Rudh focuses on the classic alternative and new wave artists that appeared on the very first day of MTV's existence — August 1, 1981. Read more

MTV's '120 Minutes'

A man plays guitar onstage
This week, Jake Rudh spotlights artists featured on the influential MTV program, “120 Minutes.” Read more


728 x 90
320 x 50