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Songs for spring

A band performing on a stage bathed in spotlights
This week, Jake Rudh has an hour of songs to play out your home or car windows on warm spring nights … that eventually will arrive. Read more

Early U2

Young U2
Jake Rudh celebrates the early years of U2, when they were a young, angry quartet with something to prove. Read more

The Charlatans and Ride

Four men standing on a hilltop overlooking a city at night
Jake Rudh features tracks by the Charlatans (U.K.) and Ride, as well as songs by those bands’ peers whose careers kicked off in the same era. Read more

The Cars

Five men gathered together for a studio portrait
This week on Transmission, we tackle that age-old question: Are the Cars a new wave or a classic rock band? Read more


728 x 90
320 x 50