Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Low, 'Hey What'

Low's 13th studio album captures days like these with plenty of jarring turns and awkward pauses, but also outpourings of humanity cutting through.

Album of the Week: CHVRCHES, 'Screen Violence'

Screen Violence exhibits all the traits of the classic CHVRCHES sound: strong vocals, strong sentiments, strong hooks. It's a house full of bangers in a time when we desperately need bangers, and CHVRCHES are happy to deliver.

Album of the Week: Lorde, 'Solar Power'

Lorde has let the world grow up alongside her since her teens, and in this chapter, she seeks to grow beyond the heartbreak and turmoil of her adolescence and share her journey to connect to the world far beyond her place in it.

Album of the Week: Jungle, 'Loving In Stereo'

Now on their third album, Jungle sounds confident and joyful. The bombastic freedom of finding happiness in darkness and pushing through adversity pulses through 'Loving in Stereo'.

Album of the Week: Yola, 'Stand For Myself'

Describing the album title to Jill Riley, Yola says that Standing for Myself "is as much about standing in my power as much as it is deciding that minimizing myself is not going to win me anything," and, "that title is, for anyone who's listening to it, is to be fully yourself and to satisfy your spirit's will to manifest and be in this world."

Album of the Week: Leon Bridges, 'Gold-Diggers Sound'

Leon Bridges returns with his third release 'Gold-Diggers Sound,' whose name comes from the East Hollywood studio in which it was recorded. Speaking on the wide range of record, Bridges told The Current, "... it encompasses the multifaceted aspects of life."

Album of the Week: Modest Mouse, 'The Golden Casket'

Even after years away, The Golden Casket has the Modest Mouse hallmarks: skittery indie rock followed by hooky choruses and catchy riffs, anchored by that voice that's somewhere between early Meat Puppets country/punk and Frank Black's Pixies yelp. Isaac Brock is like someone you meet at a party and spend an evening fascinated by, listening as he spins yarns and theories, a mesmerizing stranger. We don't leave the party friends, but we're captivated, thinking about what he's been saying.

Album of the Week: Lucy Dacus, 'Home Video'

With the release of her third solo album, fans knew well enough to prepare themselves for some honey-dripped raw emotion on 'Home Video,' but Lucy Dacus defied even that expectation by releasing her most incisive record to date.