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Album of the Week: tUnE-yArDs, 'I can feel you creep into my private life'

tUnE-yArDs, 'I can feel you creep into my private life'

If Merrill Garbus is a painter she's a surrealist like Dali, with sounds dripping, warping and in places that shouldn't fit, but somehow tell a more interesting story because of the strange juxtaposition. And if she's a baker, she's making croissants; a painstaking process of bending, folding, and layering - over and over.

Album of the Week: Francis and the Lights, 'Just for Us'

Francis and the Lights, 'Just for Us'

'Just for Us' leans on a very minimalistic sound, giving the air of something he whipped up with some keyboards in his bedroom one afternoon. That isn't a bad thing, as all of these songs sound like a brief emotional snapshot, whose impact would perhaps have been lessened had they been subjected to a more rigorous recording process.

Album of the Week: Thomas Abban, 'A Sheik's Legacy'

Thomas Abban, 'A Sheik's Legacy'

'A Sheik's Legacy' takes the listener on a journey through the dark and twisting corners of Abban's mind, flickering torches lighting the way. It will take years for all of his potential paths to be fully illuminated -- making him one of the most promising new artists to emerge in 2017.

Album of the Week: Bjork, 'Utopia'

Bjork, 'Utopia'

Bjork is one of the most divisive artists that we play. Sometimes, as detractors will point out, her vocal stylings can be shrill, piercing, hard to take and even harder to comprehend. Yes, she's different, difficult and wonderfully divisive and thank goddess for that.

Album of the Week: U2, 'Songs of Experience'

U2, 'Songs of Experience'

Given how difficult it is to maintain freshness as an artist 37 continuous years into a career, 'Songs of Experience' teaches us this is a thing to be celebrated.

Album of the Week: Wolf Alice, 'Visions of a Life'

Wolf Alice, 'Visions of a Life'

Sophomore releases can be hard on bands, there's a reason that the cliche 'sophomore slump' exists. Wolf Alice faces the pressure with an aggressive ferocity showing off their sonic range and dig into darker topics on 'Visions of a Life'.

Album of the Week: Robert Plant, 'Carry Fire'

Robert Plant, 'Carry Fire'

Robert Plant's writing in 'Carry Fire' is spot on. He deals with romance in a non-cliched way, and the process of aging and sharing of wisdom while struggling to understand the geo-political mess that we're in right now.