Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Adrianne Lenker, 'songs'

The new album from Adrianne Lenker is a mix of folk songs, sound collages, and Lenker's distinct voice making the album stand apart from her work with Big Thief.

Album of the Week: Jeff Tweedy, 'Love is the King'

While his fourth studio album doesn't stray too far from what you expect Jeff Tweedy, you can hear his use of the studio as an instrument with warm layers of voices and melodies backing his steady voice. Joined by his sons Spencer and Sam, the album is a reassurance that even though recorded in lockdown, we can all re-center ourselves around telling stories from the heart with help from those around us.

Album of the Week: Samia, 'The Baby'

Samia's approach to writing and recording is refreshingly reminiscent of '90s college rock, but with the attitude you expect in 2020.

Album of the Week: Gorillaz, 'Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez'

It makes sense that a concept band who was ahead of their time when releasing their debut in 2001 sounds of the moment in 2020. Gorillaz always filled the space between genres that countless acts try to master. Over two decades, you hear how Albarn and Hewlett's vision to form a virtual band no longer seems out of place as life and music has gone virtual.

Album of the Week: Bruce Springsteen, 'Letter To You'

This album is a very personal story for Springsteen, who is now 71. He's been able to channel his past experiences into this album, but he is still able to make it sound like he's still in the present. Bruce has used his aging process to share wisdom and express gratitude for those who have helped him get to the place he is now.

Album of the Week: Dehd, 'Flower Of Devotion'

On their new studio album, Flower of Devotion, DEHD took the foundation of their DIY approach to music into the studio to create a more sophisticated record that adds to their distinctive post punk sound.

Album of the Week: Live Current, Volume 16

Each year, The Current reflects on the live music we've been able to create together - either in our studios or around the Twin Cities - and carefully curates some of those sonic memories into one sweet package as an expression of our gratitude to you, our members.

Album of the Week: Bob Mould, 'Blue Hearts'

Just in time for fall in Minnesota, Bob Mould releases his 14th studio album, Blue Hearts. Recorded in the heart of the Midwest, Mould went to Steve Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago to record 14 raw tracks that embody the essence of his sound and writing.

Album of the Week: Sylvan Esso, 'Free Love'

On Sylvan Esso's third studio record, the musical conversation between Nick Sandborn and Amelia Meath reflects, waits, and listens. Ideas about authenticity, celebrity, and self shift and filter over the course of their new album, Free Love.