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Album of the Week: Drive-By Truckers, 'The Unraveling'

Drive-By Truckers, 'The Unraveling'

Three and a half years since their last album, Drive-By Truckers have returned from their longest break yet. The band that recorded the anthem "Hell No I Ain't Happy," still isn't. On their latest record, the band has become a vital mouthpiece in this complicated world.

Album of the Week: Polica, 'When We Stay Alive'

Polica, 'When We Stay Alive'

When We Stay Alive is an album about navigating a period of pain and loss, and about changing our relationship to our trauma. Channy writes beautifully about these topics, taking the listener along for the ride as she finds herself again and reconnects with her band.

Album of the Week: Seratones, 'POWER'


Yes, POWER does refer to global themes and dynamics but it is also much more personally revealing than the debut and that intimacy lends strength to the songs. "I've learned that as artists, we will be rewarded for our vulnerability," AJ Haynes explained, and one of the most powerful phrases anyone has uttered in our studio.

Album of the Week: Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra, 'Sound the Bells'

Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra

It shouldn't be surprising that a multidisciplinary talent like Dessa would conceive of such an ambitious, large-scale collaboration, but listening to Sound the Bells, recorded live at Orchestra Hall earlier this year, it's clear that by taking on challenges like this one, she's pushed her artistry to new heights.

Album of the Week: Prince, '1999'

'1999' Super Deluxe Edition.

Your Album of the Week is the Super Deluxe reissue of Prince's 1999. In addition to remastering Prince's original double album, 1999, the new Super Deluxe reissue of his iconic, breakthrough album includes 35 tracks from Prince's vault, making it the biggest posthumous release of his work to date.