Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Leon Bridges, 'Good Thing'

Leon Bridges, 'Good Thing'

Leon Bridges' new album, 'Good Thing', is ambitious, bouncing all over the place musically, but in a very good way. Leon shows he is more than just a great singer. He sounds like a man on a mission to make a great album, and he may have he reached his goal.

Album of the Week: Janelle Monae, 'Dirty Computer'

Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer

This week's Album of the Week is 'Dirty Computer' from Janelle Monae. There are songs of self-acceptance, a delicate celebration of all things fem, and a funky Prince-inspired song about feeling real love -- and rumor is, he played synthesizer and produced the track.

Album of the Week: Jack White, 'Boarding House Reach'

Jack White, 'Boarding House Reach'

Jack White's third solo album is a bewildering mix of sounds and lyrics accompanied by wonderful instrumental detours. It holds true to what you expect from White but contains countless surprises throughout the 13 songs.

Album of the Week: Dessa, 'Chime'

Dessa, 'Chime'

'Chime' is a huge leap forward for Dessa. It's her most musically adventurous collection to date, combining the experimental pop approach of her solo work with the more aggressive, hard-edged delivery of her verses with the rap collective Doomtree to create a playing field where both string sections and trap beats can roam freely.