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Frank Turner, 'Be More Kind'
Frank Turner, 'Be More Kind' (Courtesy of artist)
Bill DeVille - Album of the Week: Frank Turner, 'Be More Kind'
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It's been 18 months since the election and 2 years since Brexit referendum. Frank Turner has released a timely album that was inspired by what was happening around him leading up to the election.

The 7th album from Turner is called 'Be More Kind'. It's an album of love songs and anthems reflecting on the state of the world. Like Bono and Bruce Springsteen, he's a true believer. An artist who believes music can be a powerful tool to help change the world.

Musically, this is kind of a diverse album. Starting off in a sweet and optimistic mode with the song "Don't Worry," about navigating these complicated times. It's one of the best "stomp and clap" tunes I've heard in a while. There's been a few! Then, Turner unleashes on "1933," which compares today to the days leading up to World War II. It's a fierce rocker reminiscent of The Clash and even Bruce Springsteen.

My favorite track is the title song "Be More Kind," this one grabs you by the heartstrings when Turner sings, "In a world that's decided to Lose its mind / be more kind my friends / try to be more kind," good advice during these complicated times.

There are many poignant lyrics on this album. On the track "Common Ground," Turner sings, "Let's meet on the bridge and forgive." Maybe the best lines of all come from the album's powerful closing song, "Get It Right". Turner sings, "Take a breath" and later "Sweet Lord I've had some visions of people having conversations / Instead of staring at their tiny screens / And pretending that they knew what to do."

Frank Turner is a man who hasn't given up the fight. He's like a good old fashioned busker singing songs for the people in a world that's out of control.


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